Namthip Nursing Home Thailand


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"Namthip nursing home was recommended to us by Bangkok Hospital Pattaya for my father who had suffered a severe stroke and was bed ridden. The cost at the hospital was getting extremely high so we decided to investigate the option of the nursing home. After a brief visit to the nursing house, I saw that the place has a homey atmosphere, comfortable, clean and staffed by a highly dedicated and professional staff. The head nurse has over 20 years of nursing experience. The patients are treated like human beings with love and care; they are watched 24 hours a day and well taken care of. Over all, I am very pleased with the service and care my father is getting. I recommend it to anyone who has a loved one in need of extended care" - Joe

"My good friend Ray suffered a stroke in Pattaya and was treated in Pattaya Bangkok Hospital. Treatment was burning his money fast but Ray was not capable of travelling back to the U.S. A doctor recommended Namthip Nursing Home as a less expensive alternative to allow Ray to convalesce. The move to Namthip Nursing Home not only brought great financial relief to Rays position but improved his recovery rate. Nuj, Aom and the staff went the extra mile to encourage Ray and manage his recovery. He was a difficult patient but they were unperturbed. Ray is now recovering back in the US and is hoping to return to Thailand soon. This would never have been possible without the superb treatment received at Namthip Nursing Home" - Neil Forrest

"When my mother, who had been living with me in Thailand, became more frail due to advancing age and needed more skilled care than could be provided at home, I looked for an appropriate care facility close to my home in Pattaya. When I met with and discussed the situation with Khun Nuj of Namthip Nursing Home I had a good feeling about the care she would receive. Now, after several years at the nursing home care, both my mother and I are very happy with our decision to choose Namthip Nursing Home for her long term care." - John L.